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Digital and analogue accounting

We understand accounting to include more than just the legally necessary, complete recording of your business activities in chronological order and according to subject. All the facts and figures about a company come together in its accounting. It's a means for monitoring success, a basis for realistic calculations and the foundation of all your corporate decisions. Whether cash-basis accounting or double-entry bookkeeping, the accounting must be adapted to legal requirements and a company's special needs.

Accounting involves labour-intensive peak periods, which is why it's often worth it for small and mid-sized companies to outsource this responsibility. This allows you to retain a lean corporate structure, save time and money, and keep up with the times in terms of your document management. Put your figures in our hands, and we will make sure that you have a constant overview of your company’s success – quickly available in the format you require!

One of our main focuses is the digitalisation and automation of the accounting system. Our subsidiary Gaedke Angeringer Polak digitale Beratung GmbH is exclusively dedicated to the topics of digitalisation, automation and business process management in accounting, and helps companies to close their digital GAP.

From the digital submission of documents and the management of your point of sale via our customer portal, the import of electronic account statements and the automated recording of supplier and customer payments all the way to the digitalisation of payment transactions, there is a world of possibilities. No matter whether you are right at the start of the digitalisation process or have already implemented certain subcomponents, our Gaedke Digital Advisory Team will be happy to support you on your journey to digital accounting. Interested in IT accounting? You will find more information via the link below:

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