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Property transfer tax

Since the introduction of property transfer tax, the sale of private and operational property has been recorded for income tax purposes without a limitation on time, thus leading to high tax burdens for sellers of real estate.

At first glance, the calculation of tax appears simple. But are we dealing with old or new assets? Is there a reclassification that impacts the tax situation? Does a tax exemption come into play? Do the acquisition costs need to be adapted, or can flat-rate acquisition costs be applied? How should building, hunting and fishing rights be handled? What about buildings or woodland areas – do these need to be taken into consideration? What must I take into account with properties being rented out? How should renovation costs be dealt with and what advertising costs can be deducted?

When determining the property transfer tax, these and many other questions have to be answered. This is where our property experts are standing by and ready to help. Alongside the calculation of the property transfer tax, we also offer a thorough inspection and assessment of the facts of the case. This allows you to make the best possible use of tax exemptions and the options available to you.

But what is even better than a calculation that optimises the tax situation of property sales that have already taken place is the minimisation of the tax burden thanks to early tax planning. By organising transfers of property correctly, it is often possible to save tax charges. This is why you should get in touch with your advisors at the earliest stage possible – to plan and save on tax.

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