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Organisational development

The world is moving at an increasing pace – the ability to react swiftly and effectively to changes such as the digital revolution requires ongoing adaptations in organisation and business processes. We prefer to view changes as an opportunity rather than a risk – we provide assistance in identifying and selecting the processes to be optimised, and go about tackling the implementation thereof together.

As a leader, you provide an organisational framework for your company that offers orientation, manages, guides employees, and distributes tasks and resources. Examining the organisational structure and establishing an organisational framework creates security, transparency, optimises teamwork and makes the overarching goal visible for every single individual.

But for us, the added value of optimising work processes consists of more than just a reduction of costs: it also provides a way of decreasing the margin of fluctuation and reducing error rates and throughput times, thereby improving the qualitative output!

Strengthening a company in its entirety, building up a good reputation and establishing trust only works when you examine every single member of the organisation and all the work processes! We want to accompany you during this process and support you with our advice founded in years of know-how.

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Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater


Angeringer Steuerberatung GmbH Am Lendkai 117 A 8020 Graz Styria AT
Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater, Beratung, Graz
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