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Consultation and representation in court for fiscal criminal proceedings

Does the phrase “fiscal criminal proceedings” conjure up images of dubious construction companies, letterbox companies in tax havens or celebrities with sailing yachts? Caution: fiscal criminal litigation can affect every businessperson – even if only one mistake has been made and intentional tax evasion has not taken place on a massive scale. But what should you do if it actually comes to this?

Your best option is to turn to our experts! Just because you are in the right does not necessarily mean the courts will agree, which is why we assist you with our specialist knowledge and help you to assert your rights. We take time to address your problem and analyse the facts. Has a criminal tax offence actually been committed? Is a voluntary disclosure to exempt yourself from penalty still possible? We review all the options, discuss the strategy with you and represent you in court. Thanks to our many years of experience, our great contacts with the authorities and our know-how in fiscal criminal law, we are able to obtain the best resolution for you.

Or are you, on the other hand, not happy with a decision by the tax office? Again, in such cases, we are here to help. We can lodge a complaint on your behalf. Thanks to substantiated justifications applying the latest literature and case law, in the majority of cases we achieve a satisfactory result in the very first instance. If this is not the case, we can apply to submit the complaint to the Federal Fiscal Court. Lastly, there is also the option of a appeal with the Higher Administrative Court. At each stage of the procedure, we discuss the prospects and costs with you. This ensures that you always maintain control.

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