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Come with us to Digitopia -
And put your trust in tax consulting with its finger on the pulse of the times

Digitization is not the future - it is the present
Benefit from the countless advantages already today

For many years now, digitization has been on the rise in almost all professional sectors - and the trend is clearly continuing in this direction. Of course, this development does not stop at your and our industry: processes in accounting can also be increasingly digitalized and automated in your company and in our firm. The reasons for taking this development seriously and not oversleeping are manifold - and so are the advantages.

A major advantage of digitization for you as our client is that we can monitor processes more closely and intervene much more quickly. As your tax advisor, we expect ourselves to be able to identify any undesirable developments in your company at an early stage and, if necessary, to approach you proactively: And we do this as early as possible in order to secure the success of your company in the long term and, in the best case, to be able to prevent damage altogether. The technical possibilities available today through digitalization and accounting automation create the basis for precisely this:

  • FIRST, it can reduce and simplify work steps in your company, freeing up time and resources for other activities. As we all know, time costs money - with our modern service, you simply save both.
  • SECOND, by using all automation possibilities, we can gain time in processing, which we can subsequently use for your active consulting without additional costs. This makes our consulting even more personal and efficient - which of course primarily benefits you as our client.
  • THIRD, our digitalization measures make it possible to process your accounting on a daily or weekly basis. Thus, we can inform you almost in real time. You have an absolute overview at all times and are always up to date. This makes our consulting just as flexible as you want it to be!

Through the time savings of digitization and automation done right, it is possible to improve the quality of your ongoing accounting in such a way that monthly financial statements are no longer theory, but actually lived reality.

In addition, this allows service areas to be docked to the core of the service (accounting, payroll). From bookkeeping to highly professional accounting (incl. payment proposals, dunning, cost accounting, target/actual comparisons, etc.) and from payroll to highly professional personnel management (incl. working time models, vacation management, wage optimization, etc.).

Sound fundamentals, timely and suitable for your company, can significantly improve the quality of your decisions and thus secure your company's success in the long term. Above all, timely results enable you to manage your company's success in a targeted manner that recognizes or averts crises. In the end, we all benefit from digital development.

Your benefit

Say goodbye to folders and paper chaos!

You don't want to lug around heavy folders, cabinets full of files and forever searching for documents? Neither do we! That's why we rely on digital options. This not only benefits the environment, but also saves you time and nerves: Accounting no longer has to be brought to our office in a car and then chauffeured away again - digital (e.g. scanned) documents are transmitted completely securely via our client portal. As a result, your data can be securely processed by us. We then make the data and analyses we have prepared available to you in the client portal. This frees up your time for other activities and gives us more time for your personal support!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Lugging heavy binders and collecting or searching for receipts is a thing of the past.
  • faster and easier retrieval of receipts
  • more data security and secure archiving
  • you have access to all your stored data
  • secure workflow at the pulse of time
  • Reduction of error sources and multiple data entry is no longer necessary.
  • better internal control, as we suggest workflows that fit your needs and work on accounting processes on your premises.
  • Acceleration of communication and data transfer between you, our office and the tax authorities
  • Better, more efficient and transparent advice from us
  • time-delayed results are a thing of the past, thus any crises are detected early and the right and also necessary decisions can be made at the right time
  • more environmentally friendly

We live digitalization flexibly!

You are not sure whether our digital solutions fit you and your company?

We know about individual requirements: There is no fixed template for optimal accounting. Every company is different and processes can vary.

In addition, it also makes a difference whether you determine profits by means of income-expenditure accounting or by means of business asset comparison. Therefore, we adjust to your needs and advise you individually. In this way, we can accompany you and support you precisely on your way - with the common goal of creating the optimal (digital) accounting for you!

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