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VAT & ongoing compliance

Value added tax serves to tax the exchange of deliveries and other services. In accordance with the principle of neutrality according to Union legislation, it is a neutral transitory item between companies that are entitled to the deduction of input tax. This sounds very simple – but unfortunately in practice, this is not always the case. A multitude of tax exemptions, special provisions and exceptions turn the Value Added Tax Act into a real obstacle course for entrepreneurs.

One wrong assessment of services, one error in the invoicing, an oversight of threshold values or the inadequate keeping of records and supporting documents can later lead to huge administrative expenses and cause a great burden. To avoid this situation, our VAT experts are happy to support you with their expertise. We check your supporting documents or records and prepare your advance VAT returns and annual VAT returns. If you desire, we also carry out a VAT check in your company, in the course of which all business processes are analysed as to their impacts on VAT, opportunities for optimisation are elaborated and compliance with all VAT regulations is checked.

But what is especially important is the ongoing supervision of all statements, supporting documents and records. We can train your staff to do so – and this training can take place at our headquarters or directly at your company; whichever suits you best. With VAT training that is completely tailored to your needs, all employees – from the salespeople, to the accountant, to the managing director – receive the necessary knowledge that will allow them to properly classify business transactions, avoid tax incidents, correctly issue invoices and properly fulfil the VAT obligations – perhaps also in collaboration with us.

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