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A new legal form means new opportunities: a company’s legal form is a crucial factor in its overall success. While a certain legal form may have been optimum at the start of the business activity, this can change due to a growing business volume or changes in the earnings situation, to name just a couple of examples. In addition, new ownership structures or new area of activity can play a part in the originally selected legal form no longer being ideal. In these and many other cases, a reorganisation is not just meaningful, but indeed necessary.

Our experts work with you to develop and evaluate specific restructuring concepts, show you the organisational possibilities that come into question and work out the fiscal and economic pros and cons of the various reorganisation options. We assess the reorganisation contracts from a tax law perspective and collaborate with a notary or lawyer to prepare the necessary documents for commercial register courts and financial authorities. To ensure that the reorganisation takes place without a hitch, our specialists can take care of the necessary notifications to the social security institutions and tax offices, and will be by your side for any and all questions regarding the necessary changes in the accounting system.

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Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater


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Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater, Beratung, Graz
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