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Support during tax audits

For many companies, if an audit of the company tax or contributions is announced, the alarm bells start ringing loudly. But don’t fret – our experts will provide you with the best possible advice during this exceptional situation. We prepare you for this type of audit in good time and remain by your side to support you throughout the audit.

If you have already commissioned us with the ongoing supervision of your fiscal affairs, there’s not much you need to do: in this case, we offer you an all-inclusive service. We discuss potential problematic points with you beforehand and develop a line of argument for these areas. If errors have been made in the past, we discuss the option of a voluntary disclosure with you. We prepare the documents for the audit and get in touch with the auditing body. Where possible, we run the audit past our law office, which avoids you being confronted with “delicate” questions and allows you to use your time in a more productive manner. During the audit, we keep you constantly informed of the latest developments and coordinate all important issues with you. Our objective is to achieve an optimum conclusion for you.

Not yet a client? Even if you do not require help until an audit, we are happy to support you. Our specialists have years of experience under their belt when it comes to dealing with auditors, meaning that we are often able to reach a fast, hassle-free conclusion to the audit.

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Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater


Angeringer Steuerberatung GmbH Am Lendkai 117 A 8020 Graz Styria AT
Mag. Ronald Angeringer, Steuerberater, Beratung, Graz
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